With bold treatment of space, an intense palette of colors, and generous brushstrokes, Jussi Goman creates an electric and spontaneous illusion of movement. Goman adds a fresh, playful twist to classical motifs borrowed from art history, such as facial portraits and still lifes: adhesive bandages and bubble gum-like globs of acrylic paint protrude from the surface as if to remind us of the limits of two-dimensionality, yet also of the limitless potential of painting. The acrylic paint endows his colors with a sense of freshness and buoyancy, while also coating the surface in a smooth plastic sheen.

Jussi Goman graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2008. Goman’s work is found in the collections of major Finnish museums including the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the Helsinki Art Museum.


I Find You in all These Things,
Finnland Institut Berlin,
8.2.–14.11.2024, Berlin, Germany

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